God is Near: A Poem by Vidya Gupta

I am near, yet far
Distance is just an illusion
For those who believe in me
I reside within them, in a fusion

I am visible, yet not seen
I am present in all living beings
For those who look out for me
I appear before them, pure and clean

I am omnipresent, yet not felt
I am vibration, of a million different frequencies
For those who wish to sense me
I attune myself to them, their frequency

I am unconditional, yet judged
Many times, the world makes me a reason to fight
For those who wish to embrace me
I hold on to them tight, never let them out of my sight

I am always there, everywhere, for eternity
In times of joy, in times of sorrow
For those who have the utmost faith in me
I am their yesterday, today and tomorrow.