The Familiar Stranger: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The boisterous, buoyant, beautiful, best bond is now broken
The golden and silver threads of our love, into a rich tapestry once interwoven
The hollow space, the void in my heart will forever remain
For it was a hearty friendship that will not be revived again
I thought that our companionship was like the perpetual depth of the ocean
But you proved it wrong, it turned out to be tempestuous, with no emotion
It is unbearable, how much I trusted you
We were so close as two friends, how did everything turn out so blue?
There was a time when your presence lit up a candle in my room
And your smile? A light in the galaxy that took away all my gloom
What a hurtful thing, it is now a distant past
How could our friendship wither away so fast?
The other day we crossed paths, I encountered you on the street
You turned away your gaze, a familiar stranger I did meet
i cried for days, then realized nothing is going to change
How would I do everything for you, now it seems so strange
I was never ready for this kind of a thing
So shattered was I with the heartache that it did bring
The familiar stranger, the chilling hand of de ja vu
Yet I always do wish the best for you.