The Devil: A poem by Amrita Mallik

Vivid yarns of the devil weaved a magical spell
Off I went for a phenomenal rendezvous with him!
Rummaging every book I could, seeking everyone I met
Through the coppice, vales or hills I made my way

Although the search exhausted me, my determination didn’t dwindle!
I stumbled onto men and women, young and old
Some cloyingly sweet, some brazenly cool
Some reverberated an overwhelming farrago!

However, I failed to descry a frightening monster-like
Devil with horns and bellowing voice!
Devastated I bent down over the brook
To quench my thirst, and found my floating self!

The gentle flowing water satiated me
My curious mind, it did attend to!
I returned home with an enlightened mind!
Both the devil and the god reside inside me

I’m a shade of grey, a pinch of both!
However, my alignment decides my fate
For the choice of being good or heinous
Dwells also within me.