The Day You Went Away: A Story by Priyanka Sabharwal (Mona Mona)

Seema was staring at the four walls, trying to recognize them, but her mind was utterly blank. The more she tried to remember, the more stressed she felt, but her mind refused to budge. It was like her mind was a blank canvas with no memories. One question played repeatedly in her mind ” Who Am I?”

Ravi was watching her from a distance. He watched her every moment, trying to read her expressions and hoping for a single hint that she would recognize something and react to it. But his hopes went unanswered. She was just busy playing with the white blooms he brought for her daily. This was the only connection left between them.

That day he still remembered vividly. It was the latest day of his life. He happily went to the office after saying goodbye to his son and wife. In the afternoon he received a call from the hospital that his family had met with an accident. He rushed to the hospital only to receive news of his son’s demise, and his wife slipped into a coma.

His once lovely home had gone silent. His life was divided into two stations. The first station was his office, and next was his wife’s hospital room. He very lovingly purchased her favorite white blossom flowers. Every evening in the hope that today, she will greet him with a smile. Still, every time only disappointment welcomed him. It was like two strangers living under a roof.

One evening Ravi returned from the office and could not find Seema anywhere. He searched every corner but to no avail. He went into the backyard and saw the attic door was open, and a crying voice was coming from inside. Ravi saw Seema crying helplessly with her son’s photo and clothes in her hand. Ravi took Seema in his arms and hugged her tightly. Seema put her arms around his neck and started sobbing on his shoulders. All the grief in her heart came pouring out.

They clung together mourning the death of their son. Oh! Ravi, I am so sorry I could not save Varun. The car hit us from behind. He went flying from my arms. My son was dead in front of my eyes. I am sorry. Ravi stared at Seema and said, ” Thank God you are okay Darling. It was an accident, Seema. Please don’t blame yourself. It was fate. I was waiting for you to recognize me and call my name again.
Come let’s go inside. Let our son rest in peace.

After six months for the first time, Seema and Ravi slept in peace in each other’s arms with a promise of a new beginning. The white blossoms were smiling and their fragrance wafted in the air.

Four months later, he got a call from the hospital that his wife had woken up from the coma. He rushed towards the hospital waiting for a miracle, but was disappointed. He met a stranger who failed to recognize him. Doctors told him she was suffering from amnesia.

Seema was discharged from the hospital, but even after returning home, there was no change in her condition. She bloated her memory as if she did not want to face certain situations.