The book of my life: A story by Anjana Prasad

To be continued…

I sit back, flipping through the pages of the unfinished story of my life. Donning the hat of a protagonist, I waltzed into the arms of my parents with a gentle nudge from our creator.

Unbeknownst to me in those moments, they would be my guiding light in my years to come and evermore. Little moments in which I yearned to appreciate them as much as I do while penning down my acknowledgements.

Days rolled on happily as a child and young adult. One fine day dad called me to his study and placed his silver pen studded with semi-precious stones in my palms saying, it’s your turn to write pages of your life with this pen. You are the author of the book of your life.

I felt elated, holding a legacy in my hand. This new responsibility suddenly made me realise that I cannot moan or lament anymore. The task seemed overwhelming, but it enthralled me.

As I thought to pen down the manuscript, I consulted my mind and heart. My mind was in total chaos.

A myriad of thoughts ran errands in my mind. Education, career plans, matrimony, and the list grew longer. The chapters kept on increasing.

At times, I felt low. The alphabets, phrases and syllables hovered and even danced in my dreams. I had sleepless nights like a sentence lacking proper grammar and punctuation marks.

Under the quietude of night, I gathered courage from the stars and moon that shone high in the skies. Those vivid moments empowered me to plan and draft my life.

With the passage of time, I learnt to tune in with my surroundings, adjust, and compromise as women often do.

Even with my unprejudiced mind things seemed so complex. Being the author of my book, I was determined not to let toxic people around me overwrite it.

But, they say time is a teacher. However far we try to plan our calendar of life the inevitable can not be evaded.

There are many punctuations in our life like commas, apostrophes and question marks inserted by God every day. This pandemic has proven that it is true. Life is full of mysteries and suspense.

With our own knowledge, prayers, empathy and understanding let your pen glide over uncharted territories with faith in God.

I think nature’s energies and secrets harmonize the book of life, touching the unexplored realms of the realities.

I gently pick up the pen, dip it in the ink of hope and continue to scrawl ‘ The story of my life ‘.

I understand that the best way to live is to live in the present with sincerity and love as long as you are destined to hold the quill.

In the end, the epilogue would give a final touch to finish the unfinished book of my life.