Starry night: A poem by Nisha Tandon

When the world sleeps tranquility, adrift in lucid dreams
And darkness spreads its wings deliberately across the azure skies
The silvery moon stretches and yawns rather lazily
And gracefully glides through, creating a heavenly paradise

It seldom peeps from behind the drifting clouds
Enticing and luring the myriad of sequin silver stars
The sparkles that emboss the dark veil look surreal
Child in me wishes to capture them, as I lie on the velvety grass

The whispering wind silently plays a cosmic symphony
And the reflection of crimson moon dances to its melodic tunes
The unbroken skyline is illuminated with scattered embers
To the endless starry sky, a lullaby as nature croons

If the moon is the heart that beats in absolute darkness
These stars that bejewel and adorn are its undying soul
They mesmerize you with a timeless love saga
And make you traverse to a mystical world unknown

Beacons of hope for the lost souls of the world
Tiny magical flames that rekindle the passions deep
These stars sprinkle showers of light through the night
And dim away as the dawn awakens from a peaceful sleep