Springtime Ensemble: A poem by Gomathi Mohan

Robins, thrush’s dawn chorus, harbingers of Spring
Crocuses unfurl their clusters adding hues to Nature’s zing.   
Springtime prances in with  flamboyance,   
Soothing frazzled nerves of denizens.  
Ushers in new life, springs on us surprises,
When Earth tilts towards the Sun, and it makes early rises.   
In the meantime together they spin magic for the eye, 
Unwilling to let go, both bid a late, half-hearted goodbye.   
Their love melts snow and ice for rivers to swell with pride, 
Animals feel the warmth and venture out of their hide.  
Dormant seedlings vigorously shake out of their slumber, 
In no time spring up and show, manifold in number. 
The cornucopia of colorful, fresh and lavish spread, 
With a vibrant spring in step, the year marches ahead. 
Sky blesses their affection drenching them with showers, 
Paving the way to bloom in frenzy all hopes, fruits, and flowers.  
Festivals ring in with swings, good tidings, and cheer, 
The message of optimism and prosperity, one gets to hear. 
Vasanth Panchami, Holi, Ugadi, and Bihu, 
Nature dances to the symphony of life, anew. 
Sprout, bloom and grow, beginning a beautiful symbiosis, 
Birth of good things happens with synergy through osmosis. 
As displayed by an elegant Spring, with felicity & harmony, 
Miracles get woven every day amidst an aura of bonhomie.