Pink and white buds adorn the magnolia and cherry blossom trees,

Outside my kitchen window.

The colours embroider ‘Spring’.

I pirouette as Chopin’s nocturne colours my spirit multihued,

And the aroma of the simmering curry serenades my ravenous senses


My dancing eyes unwittingly wander to the winter limbs

Of the barren tree, beyond the backyard,

And suddenly, the colours and flavours evanesce


Collage of vandalised homes, frozen orphans, desecrated hospitals,

Atoms of buildings, spiraling fires, two million human forms

Absconding, to defer death,

Assail my senses,

Muting my effervescence, mocking my indifference


Setting into motion a molting,

And the birth of new tissues and layers,

More tender, more cognizant


Moonmoon Chowdhury