Spring Bloom: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

Arrived sonorous Spring with its abundance of multi-hued blissful bloom
Making me so nostalgic, lifting up my gloom
Florets of memories sweet swirled me amidst the blossoming flowers
And to such a pitch of passion that desires entwined as pink vine bowers
She peeked at me from the Spring blooms that she stood beside
There we first met, her sweet-eyed glance towards me did glide
I heard her laughter, caught a glimpse of her angel face
She took my hand and life seemed to be full of grace
Love crept in our hearts, and once there, it soon
Expanded, blossoming with opulence like the Spring bloom
On fragrant garden paths, we knew the thrill of blossoming love
Some flowers fell freely on our faces from above
I broke her a bough of the blossoming peach
That was out of the way and hard to reach
How do I stop falling in love when the bloom gets caught in her hair
Shedding so much fragrance through the air?
But the Spring of our bliss was not to be
Now my heart aches with a void inside me
Every Spring I visit her where she is laid to rest
Nearby her the Lilacs bloom that she liked the best.