Special Moments: A poem by Kishor Kumar Mishra

Unforgettable moments in my life
Has not swept away by waves of time.

At first, was the moment of my birth
When my mother took me in her laps.

Next moment was when I crawled on my four
Struggled to walk and fell on the floor.

From laugh and cry to uttering words
Identifying objects and placing demands.

Going to school to learn and play
For me, these were moments of joy.

From school days to my life in colleges
Winning trophies in sports challenges.

Graduation degree and job placements
Can anybody forget these moments?

From my engagements to nuptial ties
Several moments of golden dreams.

One plus one when became three
Celebration for all in my family tree.

When all success kissed my feet
Happy moments made my mind pleasant.

All these moments remain special to me
I thank Almighty for his gesture divine.