Special moments: A poem by Dr. Sudha Subramaniam

Like a figment of imagination
Marking a momentous occasion;
He stretched out to me,
Face mirroring his passion;
Holding the young one
In the palm of his hands.
My thumbs wound around the tender frame,
Alert to the slightest movements;
Holding him firm, taking small steps forward;
The waters’ edge playing with my garments,
Leading me onwards,
Trailing the sands.
As endless waves enthralled the calm seas,
Golden hues in shimmering shafts shone,
Clasping the young ones with loving firmness,
I gazed transfixed as the waters flowed on,
Gently bent and released the little one
To clamber on all fours,
Disappear into the beckoning blues.
I had released the radiated turtle
From the confines of cared breeding,
Into the vastness of the biosphere;
Playing a role in heeding
The need for conservation of species;
An enshrined moment of existence.