Soul Sister: A Poem by Vasudha Pansare

A soul sister is a kindred spirit,
She understands your thought before you speak it,
She makes you so comfortable,
You can share anything without any trouble.

With your soul sister, there is instant connection,
You feel for her an immediate affection,
You love hanging out with her,
With her, your life gets better and better.

Meeting a soul sister is very rare,
A person full of love, understanding, care,
She will give you everything,
Without expecting anything.

A soul sister is always there for you in any situation,
She will support you with great passion,
She will bring out the best in you,
Encouraging you through and through.

Having a soul sister is wonderful,
You will laugh together and be cheerful,
She will teach you the meaning of selflessness,
She will keep you tranquil and erase your restlessness.