Son: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

For days she waited with anxiety ‘n anticipation, eagerness ‘n expectation yet full of mirth
Elated, euphoric high was she when to a bonny baby she gave birth
With her son’s birth, she too was born a mother
Joyously the mother-son began the journey of life together
Her mind was filled totally with the thought of her newly born son
The sweet little precious face seemed to  be more beautiful than anyone
As a seed, when nurtured, grows into a strong sturdy tree
With dreams in her eyes, she wanted her son like that to be
Happily passed years two, then suddenly there was a bolt from the blue
Her world tilted, torn and tattered, her dreams were shattered, they’d never come true
She noticed that her son was different, with her never made any eye contact
To her hugs and kisses neither did he respond nor react 
“Why me ?” screamed she with trepidation, everything seemed hostile and fearful
 Her son appearing withdrawn, bellicose and belligerent when others were cheerful
But, the shock over, she looked at her son’s innocent face and  realized to her surprise
That though  a challenge, yet he was a blessing in disguise
Now she’d become an advocate, an educator, a therapist, a totally changed person
But most of  all, she’d pour down richer love to her different, special, unique, wonderful son
Reborn as a super mom she’d love her blood, her very own, more than life
With her son’s winning smiles, together they’d weather every storm and strife.