Smile: A poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

My child, you entered my world when my days were dark
So small, so sweet, so vulnerable – such a tiny spark
Persistently I kept on looking at you
I wondered bewildered how to take care of you
Just then your tender, delicate lips blossomed
With an amazing mysterious smile that I fathomed
‘I’m a miracle, a mystery, I’m here to change your soul
Don’t worry, I’ll 
change your world as a whole ‘
You, being a girl, people told me, ” You’ll be a giver”
No, now I know, you’re the giver, I, the receiver,
When you give me a smile my eyes feel blessed
With joy and eternal bliss, I feel my soul-drenched
When with an innocuous smile you sing and dance
You brighten my world with your sparkling grin and glance
Your soulful smile is more adorable  than a thousand lilies in bloom
As a sunbeam lighting a room, it always conquers my gloom
Your exquisite smile, more colourful than all the springs
Has turned my moments into precious paintings
Now that you are away from me, perhaps thousands of miles
I can readily cross the oceans, to savour the fragrance of your smiles.