Sleepless night: A poem by Ankurita Khajanchi

When the cupid’s arrow hits you hard,
When little tokens of adoration, take you off guard,
There is acceptance and no reasons to fight,

Love brings along the radiance of sleepless night.

Sharing secrets till the break of dawn,
No sign of sleep, yet never felt worn,
And then we decided to meet by the lake,
On tenterhooks,restive and sanguinely awake,
We canvassed the meeting called clandestine,
A gazebo of daises and roses would be fine!
Alone,but not lonely, looked forward to the morning.. so bright,
Love brings along the enthralling sleepless night.

But when Satan casts an evil eye,
Apprehensions replace faith, you cant deny,
When the ways of the world, balked at our dealing,
When words of love are no more healing,
Nights are murky ,so gloomy and pining,
Let love be audacious,try to look for the silver lining.
Till then all we’ll yearn for, is a reassuring embrace,right?
Because love brings along the agony of sleepless night.