Serenity: A poem by Neha Gupta

The little amount of borrowed serenity
Lasted for some time
Gave a sense of relief to his distorted self
From the guilt of his sins and transgress
But the face of the girl
Whom he had raped and killed
Haunted him in his dreams
Memories of the past were not ready to depart
Money was thrown, power was shown
He was liberated from the punishment of the law
He and his family celebrated
The system and its flaw
Under the sky wide and open
He stood there, hiding his ashamed eyes from everyone
Amnesty he got, though freedom was not his

Within him danced chaos, not a trace of peace

Self-hatred tormented his soul to the core
Surrendering was the only way to reduce the grievance, so he did
The final justice was served to the victim of rape
Which in turn, served him the serenity, he longed for so long.