Blind trust in the dark,

Guide dog’s gentle steps light the way,

Life’s storms cannot hark.

Unyielding it seems,

Bad things persist, hearts grow weary,

Pessimism teems.

But watch the blind man,

His guide dog a beacon of trust,

A steadfast plan.

Life’s situations,

Like unruly attitudes, fray,

Testing foundations.

Yet within your soul,

Believe in yourself, trust your heart,

And find your own role.

When you trust your core,

Life’s secrets unfold, paths revealed,

Living is no chore.

In darkness or light,

Your instincts will guide you through,

A beacon shining bright.

Remember, my friend,

Life’s not always good, but have faith,

Your journey won’t end.

Razi Tahir ✍️

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