Scent of Paper: A Poem by Latha Warrier

In the true world of bound delight,
A fragrance whispers through the night.
Pages breathe tales, old and new,
A dance of words in the evening’s hue.

Ink and parchment, a timeless blend,
Unfolding stories that never end.
The scent of paper, a sweet embrace,
Capturing moments, leaving a trace.

Each turn unveils a world unseen,
A fragrant journey, serene and keen.
Whispers of history, tales unfold,
In the aromatic embrace of stories told.

The scent of paper, a memory’s song,
Echoes of ages, where dreams belong.
In libraries and bookstores, it lingers,
A symphony of words, paper’s soft fingers.

Appreciating the eternal fragrant art,
The scent of paper, a gift from the heart.
In every page, a story to savor,
A timeless fragrance, an eternal flavor.