Sacrifice, a Priceless Treasure: A poem by Gitika Verma

We savor our favorite meals when she toils endlessly in the kitchen,
Cradling her sick child in her warm lap she nurses him with utmost devotion.
An epitome of selfless love and undeniable sacrifice,
Aren’t Mothers God’s most beautiful and priceless creation!

He plods along in the daily strife to make ends meet,
And bears the whips and scorns of life to provide for his family,
Making sacrifice of self, he abandons his dreams and happiness patiently,
Aren’t Fathers priceless assets for their children, loving them unconditionally!

Valiantly accepting death at the prime of their lives,
Our freedom fighters sacrificed themselves for the cause of the nation.
So are our brave soldiers who risk their lives guarding our motherland,
Aren’t we indebted to them for the freedom we enjoy, our priceless possession!

Leaving their families behind and the warm comforts of their homes,
The Doctors, health workers, the policemen fight the deadly contagion,
Uncertain whether they’ll come out alive, sacrificing for the sake of fellow citizens.
Aren’t we obliged to support these corona warriors in their selfless service to the nation!

No diamonds, no pearls, no riches can match the value of sacrifice,
That is done for the sake of others,
And without such priceless and selfless service,
Nothing great was accomplished ever!