Riverbank: An Article by  Srividya Subramanian

“Be dynamic and determined like a river that emerges victorious from a waterfall.

Be persistent like a river that cuts through rocks and paths and flows on, growing manifold with each hurdle, till it reaches its destination.

 Be like a riverbank that plays unbelievable roles-

of a sister who is an appreciative audience to the playfulness of the flowing river,

an intelligent better half who controls the varied emotions of the river,

also, a mother who embraces the river at all times, in her lap the river stops by sometimes to have a quick nap.”

A riverbank is a witness to innumerable events and eventualities of nature, myriad flora and fauna, growing civilizations, cultures, Vedic rituals, the confluence of rivers, etc. Although it may have been wounded by nature’s fury or carry the scars of human asperity, it resounds with the carefree laughter of children, the cackling of birds, sweet nothings shared by lovers, and of course, the innumerable songs picturized on it.

 It has been an integral part of several mythologies- Lord Rama crossed the banks of the river Ganga while going for exile with Sita and Lakshmana, Lord Krishna played and romanced on the banks of the river Yamuna with his friends and even purified the river when it became poisonous due to the presence of a serpent.

 A riverbank will always remain an integral part of a tour plan. A visit or a picnic there will never go out of fashion, nor will the boating or sporting events hosted by it.

 Ages and ages may flow as rapidly as the rivers, but it’s never too old-fashioned to watch a sunrise or sunset standing on a bank, humming a song, and clicking endless pictures!