River and Myself


It’s a beautiful emulsion

How the river finds its way through the land

And doesn’t allow it’s nature to get affected

Going with the Majority needn’t have to happen always it says


I will find my own way through stones, soil and concrete

I will comfort people on land when they get dragged too much by you

I will be in triangle, I will be in a straight line, I will be in an oval and even a pentagon

Coz I don’t believe in mundane


I go all places

I take all shapes

I am happy being small in front of your personality

But more content that I embrace you and being small is what makes me a hero!


The rays of sun when fall on me,

I take pride in the reflection I show them and give them their own self back.

I’m the river, I go places and I don’t follow the mundane and the majority.


I make my own way through jungles and mountains !

I’m the river!

I like to be like a river!


Riitu Tanejaa