O Kanhaiya!

The mellifluous melody from your murli wafts into my chamber,

as I pen this earnest epistle to you.

My lips part into a slight smile,

ere an ennui engulfs my solitary soul.


O Navanitachora!

The whipped, morose makhan yearns for your touch,

and I, unabashed, seek to lose myself,

in its pristine white luscious layers,

like an eagle into the azure yonder.


O Radhavallabha!

You whispered we were the unique union,

unlike the lingam and the yoni.

For our love was bound by our steadfast soul,

discernible only to the devoted.


O Gopinatha!

My ashtasakhis ask me if you will return,

and I, for once, am tongue tied.

The purpose of your life holds you back,

as I wonder, what about mine?


Narayani V Manapadam

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