Start Tomorrow!

Start tomorrow. A promise I borrowed from yesterday and securely pinned on my to-do list today. I evade my first step towards it again; “Start tomorrow,” an assurance settles me down, I fall prey to my own conviction. My faith swallows the delay, yet again, by another day.

Poonam Kanwal



My Life is My Making

An exceptional taste runs through my veins; the sanguine taste of my past. The grey in my hair loudly yet subtly shines; proudly blithe like the fine lines under my eyes. My eyes fit as a fiddle, look much beyond what life reveals. I’m full of everything and nothingness at the same time.

Preeti S. Manaktala



Embracing Life 

The day comes when you are no more scared of losing things in life; you no longer get angry at what you used to be and you are no more bothered by conflicts running inside you. It doesn’t mean things don’t affect you, rather you embrace the things into your life learning how to belong to the world.

Sweta Kumari


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