Persist Until You Succeed: A Poem by Viji Narayan

Some things may seem to elude

Like sand from a closed hand,

If you persist

No sand can ever leave your hand

Until you make a beautiful figure out of it!


That Darbari Kanada you tried to master and sing

May seem like an eel

Always eluding you, when you try to catch it,

Listen to all those musicians who have used that raaga

Like a cakewalk in their songs,

Keep humming it in your sleep and waking hours

Love it like Tansen himself who created it-

It will come to you like your pet dog one day!


When you persist

you learn to be resilent,

Add some love to what

You are trying to succeed in

That is the formula of every success

In this world!


Persist, persist, persist

Until you win one day

Add some love to what you do

So that you can keep smiling

When you finally succeed!