Persist Until You Succeed: A Poem by Rupinder Kaur

Attire soul with iron will,
To embark on the journey,
Chosen and trodden by a few,
As on thy path waits struggle,
To quench thy blood with toil and sweat,
Nah! giving up is cowardice,
And thou not made of it,
Accept the dual of series of failures,
To ascend to the throne of success,
Thy robe would be then embellished with,
Thy tales of valor, resilience and perseverance,
Thy throne would sing thy fought battles,
That brought you laurel's and Fame,
Hope is Thou anchor and God is thou strength,
Success shall be thy slave as,
It cometh to those whose passion deters,
Every loss and defeat and make new path,
which was ever ordained to reach,
After fulfilling its condition of never,
Giving up on Thy dreams.