People of Determination- Joy of Giving


“If you’re in the luckiest one percent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 percent.”- Warren Buffett

Christmas is a season of giving around the globe, a day of preparations and gatherings, a day brimming with anticipation and hope. Sharing love is one of the most essential things during Christmas. There is nothing as good as the spirit of giving and caring for others. It is a festival that celebrates love for family, warmth, cheer and selflessness.

Christmas is a celebration of life, and we do it by engaging in the most ordinary acts of love and joy- by sharing food, by spending time with those close to us, by offering gifts to bring happiness to someone. These selfless gestures brighten up many lives as these messages of love and compassion transcend religious boundaries.

In this spirit, a Christmas themed picnic was organised for the people of determination in Dubai, and it brought moments of happiness in this festive season. It was a day full of vibrancy, frolic and fun. The true spirit of Christmas was observed when professionals from different fields came together to make the festive season special for the young adults. They showered them with unconditional love by spending time with them and engaging in interesting activities.

Ms Asha Muni, an entrepreneur, initiated Auracreations for her love of craft and her passion to design. Asha began with cakes, candle making, decoupage and gift bags, and being an empty nester, channelised her time and explored Resin Art. On Christmas, she extended her love to 200 students of Al Noor Rehabilitation Centre for people of determination with a “pocket hug” made with resin. A few words of love printed on the cards brought joy to them. It was a gesture much appreciated.




Dr. Supriya Chauhan is a professional lifecaster, Prosthodontist, implantologic and academic author in the UAE. Supriya conducted a workshop for the kids in the picnic. This 2 D workshop taught them how to take basic imprints of their own hands and cast them. Kids not only learnt this rare art of casting but they also got to capture their precious memory of this day and preserve it for lifelong. We appreciate her act of making the Christmas merrier for parents and kids who have worked hard all year round, with an effort to preserve pleasant memories for eternity.


Ayesha Shaik, the Founder of Ayesha Shaik Ed tech services, has impacted numerous lives through her work and deeds. Her vision is to promote, provide and make education accessible for the underprivileged children through her most affordable Phonics Reading Programme. She believes every child is a beautiful flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden. Ms. Ayesha Shaik conducted a storytelling session for these super kids and engaged and entertained them with many activities including Story Prompt Jar, Role Play, Creating a Funny Story and much more. These kids created an aura with their presence that was commendable and enjoyable.


The day ended with carol singing, some delicious food and few games. Gifts were exchanged and it was overwhelming to see them unwrap. These small gestures became the reason for great happiness for these youngsters with special needs who seek nothing but acceptance in the society. Christmas became more special when things were exclusively done for them.



May the spirit of Christmas continue to bless them in the new year!

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