Pardon: A poem by Deepti Gupta

I watch every night, as the distant moon 
Borrows its light to glow in every crescent 
Like crystal in winter and dripping gold in June
Owning its magnificence with every rise and descent 

The moon asks no pardon for this nightly routine
It is content with the loan of its sheen

The sun paints the trees green
A multitude of hues in abundant grace
The sapling waits its turn to be seen
Facing the orange ball, ready for the race

The plants ask no pardon to soak up color 
For the lack of sun would only make them duller 

The nature teaches us such humility 
Urging us to accept ourselves in today
Pause from the rat race and the insanity 
Breathe, be present and stay 

This life is a gift so beautiful 
We are enough as we are and ever so grateful