On This Valentine’s Day: A Poem by Rajshree Rathore

On this valentine’s day, an account opened,
Joint or separate: cliché, isn’t it?
The balance sheet represents a grim picture,
My ‘love’ has been on a ‘credit’ for too long,
Delinquency noted: the verdict who knows!

A dry rose on the paper veiled like a new bride,
That silk saree draped ‘artistically ‘on her,
A shy vibe at the mirror as she sprays that ‘jasmine’,
The tape recorder playing unabated,
Perhaps a valentine for posterity or just an entity!

At the crowded bus stand a youngster,
Trying to make his way with that bouquet,
Envious eyes scrutinizing his sincere romance,
A tattoo on his hand – spelled ‘Seema’,
Certain, candid and courageous: his romance.

The social evening: engaging with culinary aromas and dialogues,
Amongst the noises: a silent love blossoming,
Is it the shyness or the glance: who is the culprit,
Is it the jasmine perfume: a pervasive romantic emphasis?
Two hearts: diffident yet intoxicated, this valentine!