On this Valentine’s Day: A Poem by Latha Warrier

In solitude I stand, this Valentine’s Day,
An array of memories in shades of gray.
Reminiscing fond moments, once so near,
Echoes of laughter, whispers in my ear.
Alone, yet not lonely, love’s sweet embrace,
Tracing the lines of a familiar face.
Heartbeats remembered, a dance in the past,
In the theater of my mind, shadows cast.
A symphony of shared dreams in the night,
Now a solo performance, bathed in soft moonlight.
Cherished whispers linger, a sweet serenade,
In the garden of memory, where love is laid.
Though physically apart, love’s essence remains,
In the heart’s gallery, where love sustains.
A solitary dance with my unseen love sway,
On this Valentine’s Day, in my own way.