Nine nights of dance: A poem by Pooja Mandla

Shimmery Navratri, then Sparkling Dusshera,

Let’s eradicate the evilness from our era.

Let’s ignite the lights of enlightenment,
And remind us to celebrate women always with merriment.

Let’s keep our patriarchy aside,
By burning the dummies of aplomb and pride.

Beat the dhols to kill the anger, ego, and greed,
You will get peace of mind, indeed.

With little steps, the mother comes to our doors,
Let’s surround positivity and keeps the negativity ashore.

The goddess represents different aspects,
Also that women deserve some level of respect.

Let’s chant the sacred words in solidarity,
Of love, passion, and equality!

Let’s celebrate Navratri in actual form,
By correcting our blurred vision but keeping all the charms.