Nightmare: A Poem by Neeta Taly

I was frightened and running in fear
The man with the gun had come really near
Heard a train’s whistleblowing and hence rushed in that direction
Assuming there will be a railway station!!

I could see the train ready to depart
I ran with all my might before it could start
I entered and heaved a sigh of relief
Little did I know that I was in for more grief!

The masked gunman was sitting right next to me
I had become numb with fear desperately wanting to flee
The train had already started moving fast
I rushed towards the gate and jumped out feeling aghast!

I had hurt myself and was bleeding and terrified
But was relieved at having escaped
Suddenly from nowhere the man appeared
I couldn’t believe that he had gotten there before me!

He took out a knife and stared at me with bloodshot eyes
I had almost become paralyzed with fright
I looked hard and could see the hazy morning light
I knew that I didn’t sleep last night!