New Year Resolutions- Are They Worth Making?


We humans are quite adept at making resolutions, and so quick in dumping them as well.

This brings us to the pertinent question – what is the need for a resolution?

A resolution means we are committed to a cause or purpose, and wish to execute it earnestly until we get the desired result. We firmly believe that what we are doing/going to do is absolutely necessary, and doable and the result will be positive.

But many of us hardly understand the meaning of it. We want to make resolutions just because we have seen others do the same. We even make the same resolutions! This is absurd. Every person has his/her capabilities and limitations. E.g. If my friend resolves to visit a gym for six months, it depends on his/her interest and health condition. I cannot commit myself to the same because my capabilities and desires are different.

Resolutions can be made at the opportune moment, whenever we think is the right time and place to set the ball rolling towards victory. Hence, it need not be at the time of New Year alone.

The term ‘New Year Resolutions’ gathered fame and fancy because a few thought that it was a good start to the New Year and they could plan for its completion by the year-end.

However, this positive interpretation is now largely misinterpreted. People just do it to gather appreciation from friends and family, post pictures on social media and boast about non-existent capabilities.

The bubble bursts very quickly and the resolution is forgotten in no time.

So, if we hear someone talk about their New Year Resolutions, just take it with a pinch of salt. And if you are thinking of making one, think hard and make it worth the effort.

Srividya Subramanian