Nature’s Elixir


In twilight’s gentle grip, a wondrous sight doth unfold,

Nature’s grandeur in tranquil sheen, a tale of old.

The azure sky, now veiled in sombre hue,

Reveals its secrets in a solemn, slow debut.


Clouds, in measured stride, traverse the firmament,

Their graceful sway, a tranquil testament.

From heaven’s gate, a gentle rain doth fall,

Each droplet, a messenger, answering nature’s imminent call.


A solitary figure, by the lane, doth linger,

Hands upraised to nature’s touch, with fervent finger.

In rain’s embrace, her spirit finds its ease,

Discovering solace in its soft, soothing breeze.


In the gentle caress of the downpour’s embrace,

Lies wisdom to transcend life’s weary race.

A revelation in nature’s captivating trance,

To find joy in its eternal, timeless dance.


Thus, within nature’s gentle whirl,

She finds the purity, the spiritual pearl.

A soul renewed, by rain’s enchanting song,

Guided by nature’s ancient, healing throng.


Dr Vedha Surendra