My refuge: A poem by Deepti Gupta

I’m a vagabond traveler walking into sunset
A bag of trinkets and some memories best
Forever a nomad, leaving footprints as I go
Through the deserts, the mountains and the snow

I have broken bread with natives of the land
Human bonding despite words we don’t understand
I have weathered storms in search of the new
Never settling for days more than few

My adventures build magic in my heart
With every quest, a fascinating journey to chart
I tread the off-beaten, winding trail
Yearn to climb mountains and seas to sail

I have stories to tell of forgotten legends
Mesmerizing islands and forests dense
Of an untamed spirit with no home
Just my words lilting into a poem

I won’t settle for long, yes I’m homeless
Shine and glitter I may not possess
But I gather sparkles in moments of time
That can’t be weighed in a nickel or dime