Muted Cries: A Poem by Sheela S.Iyer

I lay in my mother’s womb peacefully

To see a new world after nine months, waited eagerly.

I knew I will, soon place my tiny feet out
On the face of this earth, there were no doubts.

I wished to see the blazing sun
I dreamt of the stars and the moon.
I was waiting for days to pass
Never knew my dreams would be shattered, like glass.
One day I heard a voice filled with anger,
“She is a girl, won’t accept her”.
Hearing this, I trembled and cried
I pleaded, “I want to live and not die”.
How I wish I were a boy
My father would have jumped with joy.
But alas, I was killed in the uterus with no traces left
I breathed my last and forever put to rest.
I was part of you papa, real connection
Then why was I deprived of love and affection?
My end brought ecstasy in his eye

My mother was left alone with her muted cries.