Each time I see children walking gayly with dancing feet,

Tightly holding Mother’s finger with never-parting spirit,

Nostalgia makes my fingers too tiny to clutch mom’s saree.

Jumping, hopping and looking around with eyes so greedy,

Licking colourful ice-gola and wiping my lips with her saree,

Demanding this, adamant on that, everything was so pretty!


My tiny eyes and tiny feet used to freeze near the shops,

And mother allured me to walk fast, with a mere lollipop.

The best Gourmet Lollipops has no taste of that local sweet,

As it had taste of love of my mother’s sweetest tweet.


So many memories surround me with the word ‘Mother’

Appreciate this gift from God, you will never get another.

She is now nowhere to be seen, but I feel her deep within,

They say, I have inherited her most of non-material things.

Alas, but I know, I could not inherit her most unique way,

She was just a perfect Mother, and the one whom I can never repay.


Rupal Vinay Desai   

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