More than Just Diary: A Poem by Ritu Kamra Kumar

My diary is my dearest passion 
It stores my true emotions
Random reflections & Spontaneous scribbling
Crystallizes my silly secrets & sagacious sensibilities 
Overwhelming, it is filled up to brim
With aspirations glorious & impressions grim
Record of my growing years evolving
My fears, fret & angst absolving
Fights & frights, gay & grey moods
Made & marred relations, bonds Subdued
Travails & triumphs, my scars & secrets
Witness to all! My diary is my precious cabinet 
Scrawls & slangs, diction & dialects
Etymology, style from cursive to capital
Speaks volume about my protean temperament 
Yes! My diary comprehends my element eloquent 
I just keep plodding along with the written words
Reading diary is rediscovering myself
It is a record of the inner recesses of my mind

My constant companion, my tryst with it is for a lifetime