Moonlight Mischief: A Poem by Natasha Perry Thomas

In the light of love, a dazzling beam,
He tried to woo her with a lunar-lit dream.
Cupid chuckled, poised arrows in hand,
Tripping over unsteady confessions, unplanned.

Candlelit dinners, a clumsy affair,
Spaghetti disaster, sauce in her hair.
He professed his love with a silly grin,
She laughed until she couldn’t draw breath in.

Moonbeams whispered, stars danced in delight,
Awkwardly twirling beneath the love tree’s light.
Roses in hand, a blunder to uncover,
Pricked his finger, cried, “Love’s a thunder!”

In the light of love, a comedic trance,
Mismatched socks, a clumsy dance.
Together they laughed, a harmonious chime,
In the quirky light of love, forever sublime.

In the quirky beam, their laughter soared,
A symphony of joy, a love tale adored.
As the moon hung low and giggled, the stars joined the cheer,
Love’s comedy played, oh so crystal clear!