Missing you Mom and Dad: A Poem by Anindita Mazumdar

If garden-fresh roses bloom in paradise,
Lord! pick a bunch for me.
Give them to my dearest parents,
would make them indeed happy.
Say, a gift from their only daughter
who has missed them all throughout.
These twenty years seem nothing less
than ages and eons no doubt.
Every moment of every minute
seemed so very painful once.
But learned to live the best of all,
suppressing sorts of qualms.
No more little girl, I’m anymore,
have become wiser, you see.
Learned to be responsible enough and hence,
no need to worry about me.
Time has taught me every lesson
that no book ever can teach.
Traversed the phases with smiles and tears,
desired no further to impeach.
Life seemed difficult but viable much
without my Mom and Dad.
Mastered nuances all with care,
fate seemed not that bad.
Wish, they rest in peace together
in Lord’s abode of peace.
Every moment of every minute,
tell them, I just miss.
Miss them, all these twenty years,
every season and hour.
Every sunshine and festive days,
every monsoon shower.
Lord, pick a bunch of vibrant roses,
could bestow as ransom.
Say, a gift from daughter, Anindita
for my Dad and Mom.
Lord, pick a bunch of stunning roses
with crystal drops of dew.
Tell them, I would meet them ever,

when my time is through.