Mis(fit) or fitting…:A poem by Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Wild in spirits, not bounded by rules, 

Stilettos in legs, 

Sometimes in hands, 

What do you say, I don’t care! 

Messy bun or tendrils of hair

Peeking from my ears, 

A nose ring or dangling earrings,

A pair of blue eyes or aquiline limbs, 

Look she’s so different, so what?

I revel in my unique designs, 

Conspicuous entry into the

World of commons. 

Bohemian they say, 

Slaying with my unconventional ways! 

A mis(fit) or fitting

Into the grooves of my own tune,

Lyrics spun into threads of

Song that keeps me going.

Love me or hate me but I bet 

You can’t ignore me!