Love’s Philosophy: A Poem by Staffy Bhateja(Steffi)

Eternal, Ethereal, Embracing myriad shades and facets of the Universe
L O V E- are the magical four letters
Blissful, Beautiful, Benign-
Such are the feelings of being in love, to love and to be loved
Sanctimonious and pious as Nature,
So pristine that giving it a name can reduce its purity

For it is selfless as a whole,
Though each being interprets it differently
For some,
Unquenchable, Unstoppable, it flows
Drops of Divine Grace, through centuries, it goes
For others,
The smile blooming in the eyes so clear
When hidden tales of light on lashes appear

For me,
It is what oozes out poetry from within
That touches the innate recesses of my being, giving me gooseflesh
It is the little simper; the twinkle behind my eyes

The Demonic Lust in its garb has deceived so many of my fellow mates
But I can foresee the transience and shallowness of the former

Can today’s generation, with its raging lustful hormones and increasing desires of the flesh interpret all of this?