Love that Never Fades Away: A Poem by Khushboo Yadav

O’ love is a beautiful feeling that words can say.
It is pure and eternal whether you live near or far away.
It is so innocent and divine than anything in the world.
It is more precious than diamonds and pearl.

Two souls become one when they are in love.
No ego, no pride with faith and dedication they evolve.
O’ love faces all hurdles and never fades away.
It is safe in hearts and beats all odds and finds its way.

O’ love never dies its fragrance remains even after lovers depart.
It stands still between two beating hearts.
Love is the purest feeling it is more worshipped than the idols.
It is necessary for humans for their survival.

True love is the greatest gift given by God.
With God Grace it overcomes all hurdles and odds.
Never fear to walk on this pure path.
With this love peace and prosperity will come on this earth.