Love That Never Fades: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”

My love for you will never fade,
It’ll grow stronger, with each passing decade,
It’ll never be questioned, never doubted,
As I trust you, from the bottom of my heart.

The love that we shared,
Is the treasure, that we earned,
It’s the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life,
I want to be with you forever, as your wife.

Our love is like waves,
That never fail to hit the shore,
It’s like a pleasant breeze,
That never stops to blow.

Whenever your face comes in my mind,
It leaves a smile on my lips, every time,
My heart feels like floating in the sea of love,
And I thank God, as my wish was granted from above.

Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
I shall cherish all these memories, for years and years,
Alas! We are not together anymore,
But that doesn’t affect our love, that is so pure.