Love and Relationships in the Digital Age


In bytes and screens, love’s whispers roam,

In digital realms, hearts find a home.

Emojis dance, expressing the unsaid,

Connections sparked through signals spread.


Messages fly, across miles apart,

Love’s symphony sung from the heart.

Through pixels and code, emotions entwine,

Virtual bonds in this digital design.


Swipe right, left, seeking a mate,

In algorithms, destiny’s fate.

Online profiles paint a vivid hue,

Yet real connections break through.


Facetime dates, pixels in sight,

Shared laughter echoes through the night.

Likes and shares, validations sought,

A love story in bytes newly wrought.


But amidst the code, love’s essence thrives,

Beyond the screens, where the heart connives.

In this digital age, a new romance unfurled,

Love transcends in a digital world.


Praveen Gola

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