Memories stirring in my heart,

I long to meet him before I depart.

Will my silent pleas reach the sky,

Or will I leave this world without a goodbye?

Stars above witness my heart’s cries,

As I lay on the bed with closed eyes


Dear Lord, why me?


Softly, my lips whisper,

Tears cascade like a sombre river.

Yet, as always, there is no answer,

And there it grins, my cancer,

Making me feel helpless and low,

Did I deserve this harsh blow?


Wondering, is this my age to depart?


I quickly replace my cynic thoughts

With hope, untying my mind of knots.

With closed eyes, lost in repose,

A gentle touch revives me, and I rose.

He stands there, a smile on his face,

“You’re not going anywhere,” he says with grace.


Sheela Iyer

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