Life is Mysterious

Life is mysterious.

Its beauty lies in being so.

What charm it has

If one knows all

And the veil is lifted,

Before the curtains go up!

Every moment is a mystery

Coming as a surprise!

This mystery gives an opportunity, to plan for.

Otherwise, what is left to pine for?

What charm it holds

If everyone knows

The secrets that lie ahead

And nothing is left to behold for?

In this theatre of life

Actors we all are.

In the drama,

Which it puts forth,

The script is written,

Very clean, very clear!

Yet, is engulfed in the mist,

And, is obscured from our eyes!

It presents itself,

When the time is right!

But, ridiculous it is…

No one knows

When the time is right?

This charm, it holds,

That no one knows

What secrets lie ahead…

And everything is left

To behold for!

Copyright Ritu Bhatnagar