Life is a game of chess: A poem by Gowri Bhargav


Life is analogous to a game of chess,
We are mere players along with others,
Every move we make has consequences,
We have to learn from the inferences.
Winning and losing are part of the game,
Practice can help us attain fame,
We have the power to decide a move,
Concentration , introspection can help us improve.
Sometimes sacrifices are needed in order to gain,
Temporary losses can cause us some pain,
Let’s focus on the ultimate goal,
Positive thinking will keep us under control.
The choices we make reflect our wisdom,
Let’s be prudent, not make it random.
Protect and build relationships with others,
But let’s be cautious not to be ‘checked’ in the process.
The lessons taught by chess are numerous,
We may be faced with problems precarious,
But learning the nuances carefully, 

Will enable us to lead our life successfully.