Life: A poem by Munira Dalal

            Life exists even in a tomb
The little heart beating, in a mother’s womb

The Earth breathes in, life in every seed we sow
  Little wonder from acorns do oak trees grow

    The waters of seas and oceans come and go
Breathing in and out as they touch, and leave the shore

     It’s plentiful in the rays of the sun
 Without it, plants would make food none

The soft breeze whispers and lovingly does caress
      And at times howls like a person in duress

    The moon seems to have a life of its own
At times it shrinks and otherwise fully grown

    The stars blink and wink in the sky above
We believe in them live, the departed souls we love

  Life breathes its magic in every bud and flower
Every drop is a blessing when the heavens shower

  Life sleeps peacefully as a caterpillar in a pupa
 The miracle that flies out leaves us in a stupor

   There is life in every breath we breathe in and out
Without which we would not exist, there is no doubt

    Life is so precious, priceless than any treasure
Its magnificence and complexity we can’t measure

       Be it the king or the man in the street
When the breath stops; in life they have deceased