Let Me Be Myself


A poem dedicated to all the Special Needs Children.


They say I’m different,

As I cannot comprehend like them,

I feel everything, including their indifference,

Can someone please apprise them?


I like to be quiet sometimes,

As I despise everything that’s noise,

The incessant talk and judgments,

Unnerve me, inducing chaos in my mind


Sometimes I feel anxious,

Your touch terrifies me to the core,

My words refuse to come out,

Petrified I yell, and dash to feel secure!


I do not grasp the game of numbers,

Rules, patterns, shapes- all idiosyncrasies,

In the hues of rainbow, I see myself,

In the warmth of nature, I feel euphoric.


I notice the world chasing and racing,

Amazed I stand in a state of flux,

Do I need to disrupt my simple untainted realm,

In a bid to fit into their complex world?


Don’t judge me by my ways or wisdom,

Don’t reject me on your rubrics or perceptions,

I’m more than what your mind dictates,

I am as pure as God had sent me on Earth!


You say I’m different; Oh yes! I am unique,

Please let me be myself,

My mother proclaims I’m a gift divine,

And I lovingly choose to believe her!


Vandana Bhasin