Last Leaf Before Winter: A Poem by Amita Raj

Piquant pimento coral hues and sunset ruby red
Glow through fall leaves like blazing blossoms outspread,
I gather them in a fiery warm embrace to my heart
For from such a burst of beauty how can I be apart?
In a tempting trickle of red beryl, orange jasper and sun gold
Me these ravishing rivulets in a caressing cape enfold
Soaring shades of carmine pour to color the coming winter
While an icy blue breeze through my window does enter,
On each auburn fall leaf before colder days I write a yearning song
For to such rushing romantic longings, my searching heart does belong
While the chill and abrasive bluster sting my eyes with tears
My pearls only glisten mystically with bold beauty that I endear
And each last leaf before winter that on my palm did land
Holds infinite vignettes of splendor, undying passion in my hand!